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Record Store Radio is a music industry podcast featuring intimate interviews with an eclectic array of artists, songwriters, industry leaders, venues, promoters and record store owners.  Music is of course, an integral part of the program.


It is hosted and produced by music executive and award-winning journalist Tom Honan, co-produced and engineered by Todd Hobin (Hobin Studios).  Web design and social media is managed by Matt Honan.

This Week On
Record StorE Radio
John Oates

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Singer-Songwriter John Oates Half of the legendary Hall and Oates, the most successful duo in music history will be here to chat about songwriting, solo projects, the creative process, the music business and life in the Hall and Oates band.

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Next On RSR...

Russell Thomkins Jr. 

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Russell Thompkins, Jr., the original voice of the Stylistics.

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